Our customers expect from us to find the best sustainable solutions for their concerns, and we help them do just that. Our performance is measured in terms of Customer satisfaction, and the realization of their various objectives. Around the world, across all disciplines, we work to constantly demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through our words and actions. We are continually improving and leveraging our efforts to be responsible stewards of the natural world as we offer timely and efficient services and effective, tailored and sustainable solutions for our customers. This is the best way we can save them money and help make their businesses successful. The work we do supports them in achieving their project goals – and in creating an enduring legacy.


Because we partner with our clients and truly understand their business objectives, we work where they need us to be. We position ourselves to serve their needs effectively. Our rich history guides our growth, and the possibilities are limitless. However, as few simple – but fundamental – things remain unchanged, our firm commitment to our relationship based business model and our focus on safety, quality and ethics.


Being a multidisciplinary firm we are able to offer a blend of specialized skills. We are able to integrate several disciplines under one project, providing innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to our Clients in the following key sectors:


LAND:Agricultural development, soil improvement, soil studies & topographic surveys, desert farming, fish farming, improved on-farm irrigation systems (drip/sprinklers/subsurface irrigation), protected agriculture (design, management and  supervision) and forestry – using secondary treated wastewater in forestry and wood trees

WATER: Water resource planning and management, ground water investigations, recharging ground water aquifers (desalination, ground water, surface water, wastewater treatment), major irrigation projects (dams, reservoirs, regulators), planning and design of well fields and wells including design of pumps according to required type + monitoring and supervision of the operation of well fields

Environment:Drinking water, environmental conservation, integrated ecosystem, soil/air/water pollution control, EIA, solid waste management, environmental management (protected areas) and environmental awareness.


Our Consultancy services include; project identification, preliminary studies and investigations (field studies, data collection, etc), setting project concept and approach, planning, preparing tender documents, including technical specifications, design, construction management and supervision, value engineering as well as tendering and award of contracts.